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Welcome to Tmoney Apps!  If you have any comments or questions please view the respected pages and I’d be more than willing to help you out.  If you’re here to learn more about the applications that I have then view the “My Work” tab.

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Homework Planner

The Homework Planner application allows you to record the subjects that you have homework in by using a check box system. In the assignment box you can log homework assignments via speech to text or manual text input. This simple, yet handy application helps store important school work information for later reference.  A recent feature I added allows the user to enter their class subject for that hour by picking from a list of subjects.

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Bracket Maker Launched!

I am proud to announce my latest application called “Bracket Maker”.  Bracket Maker allows users to create their own tournaments and advance the winners into the next rounds. Everything on Bracket Maker is fully customizable and puts everything in control of the user.  Check it out on the Android Market!

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Recent Articles


Headache Diary Launched!

“Headaches plague millions of people each year. The Headache Diary will help you to track, document and evaluate your headaches so that you will have an accurate record when seeking medical attention.

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News: 7/13/11

I’m hard at work on two new applications that I think you all will enjoy very much.  I can’t say too much because I don’t want to give away the information but by the end of the month expect the applications to be launched and on the market.


New Application Coming!

I am working hard on an application called “Car Planner”.  The planner allows you to enter information for up to five cars, such information includes the car make/model, vin number, and the engine type.  The planner also allows you to keep track of recent maintenance you have had on your cars and enter the date so you can have the information on hand wherever you go.  I’m hoping to have the application up within the next week so stay tuned!


New UM Recruit Updates Coming

I’m working on adding several new features to make UM Recruit more hands on.  I plan to add player biographies for each commit and add a highlight page to showcase each player.  These features should be added within the next couple of weeks, I hope everyone enjoys them!


Fruit Drop is now free!

I have decided to make it free so everyone can download it!


Bracket Maker Update 1.2

-Added option to have 4 team, 8 team and 16 team tournaments.


Fishing Chart Launched

View it on the market here:


UM Recruit Update

A new update of UM Recruit is now available.  The new update includes: An up to date list of current commits and a new feature called prospects to watch.  Update now!


New Homework Planner Update Available

I added a new feature that allows you to select your subject for the class hour so it’s even more customizable.


UM Recruit Now Only $0.99

For a limited time only UM Recruit will be $0.99 instead of the usual $1.99.  This offer is for the first 15 buyers so spread the word and pick up UM Recruit now before it’s too late.